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Thank you for booking a research call with me! There's absolutely nothing you need to do to prepare, but if you're anything like me, you might find it helpful to know what to expect. That's what this page is for.

During our time together, we'll just chat. I have a set of questions that I'll ask you, and each of them is designed to help me better understand your experiences and collect specific data related to my intention of building a beautiful signature program. We'll meet on Zoom with the video on. Please be sure to have your smartphone or laptop ready set up so we can see each other.

I'll record the meeting so that I can transcribe exactly what we discuss. This helps me collect the best data and achieve the best results. Please know that the recording will be handled with care and confidentiality because I take the privilege of witnessing your story very seriously.

We'll focus our conversation on your experiences of having unresolved mental and physical health issues, as well as how they may relate to overwhelming situations you've had in your life (trauma). We want to use our time together to gather enough detail so I can understand your experience, but I'll also guide you through the conversation so that we don't stir up any unnecessary turmoil for you.

Please note: I understand that things come up. To respect both of our time and establish clear boundaries, the following policies have been put into place.

If there are significant connection or technical issues that interfere with us having a clear, connected conversation, we will reschedule your call.

Please plan to meet with me during a time when you are *not* driving. If you are driving when you log on, we will wait to begin our conversation until you are safely parked with your doors locked.


You can reschedule your call with me a total of 2 times. After then, you will not be allowed to book a time slot for a free call.


Additionally, I have a 7 minute no show policy. This means if you are unable to attend the meeting, I will wait 7 minutes before logging off. After one no-show, you have a one-time opportunity to reschedule because I understand that sometimes emergencies happen. If we are unable to meet for the rescheduled session and you no show again, I cannot invite you back into the research study or other future opportunities with me.

The link to reschedule can be found in your confirmation email from Calendly or here.

Thanks again for booking a call! I'm honored to receive the gift of your time, energy, and story.

See you soon!

Ashley ✨


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