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Your Inner GPS Is Real

You already have everything you need to have. You already know everything you need to know. You already are everything you need to be. If your experience is anything like mine, at some point, you may have learned to believe these statements are simply not true. In a world filled with forces designed to replace the inner compass with external sources of information, it's easy to lose ourselves and lose touch with the part of us that is already happy, healthy, and whole. Sometimes we get thrown off by loss of a beloved. Other times, we're caught off guard by betrayals. Although awful, at least in these circumstances the wound is something we can see. For many of us though, the disconnect between our inner knowing and outer world feels amorphous, untouchable, and invisible. There’s just something wrong, off, or out of place - a nagging sense that life could be better, even though on the outside it seems good enough. We might be plagued with worry we can’t control, shame we can’t shake, or frustration that won’t seem to go away. We get stuck in these states and bogged down by the energy they bring. If you’ve ever felt out of touch with your intuition, lost on your life’s path, or confused about why you feel as you do, you know exactly what it’s like to be disconnected from your internal GPS. I talk to people all the time who have an inkling their life is supposed to be more than what it is. These same people often have stories of going to a practitioner, professional, or priest who’s told them their troubles are either unreasonable, unresolvable, or impossible to understand. Christel, like many people, came to me because she was in a similar state. I offered her a Gravity Point System evaluation (yep, we can evaluate your inner GPS) and Super Session, a 90-minute consultation where we identify and release blocks to the inner GPS. Afterward, here's what she had to say: I don’t know how to thank Ashley enough for my Super Session! Everything I have been going through - all the worry, fear, and anxiety - makes more sense, and now I know what I need to do to resolve it. In fact, after my session, I returned home to find that the dynamics in my family had already positively shifted in profound and obvious ways. The opportunity to practice what I’d learned immediately presented itself and a situation that felt stuck and impossible for years instantly shifted in ways I hadn’t imagined possible. I feel less obstructed and more confident I’m moving into a better place. I even feel closer to my Higher Power! There’s work I need to do, but it feels so much more attainable and less overwhelming than before. I am blessed forever by the gift of the Super Session with Ashley and am eager to recommend her to my friends and family. ~Christel I'm incredibly honored and grateful Christel shared her experience with me, just as I am with every client I've ever worked with. I've been working with clients since 2010, and I can say - with very few exceptions - all my clients experience a significant shift the very first time we meet. That's why I designed the Super Session. I realized that I don't need to meet with people weekly to make a significant impact. We can achieve in a single session what usually takes most people months of therapy (and a ton of money). >> Click here to learn more. Love & Magic 🤍✨ Ashley Anne >> Listen to the Podcast >> Read the Books >> Explore Self-Guided Courses >> Inquire About Coaching >> Follow on Instagram >> Watch on YouTube >> Read on Elephant Journal

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