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It's Time: Do The Thing ๐ŸŒ‘

Yesterday, fifty minutes into filming a very profound, precious, and inspiring coaching session for an upcoming documentary, the power went out. *click* I looked at my client, and then I looked at my computer, knowing I had been recording the session locally to the hard drive and it would be very unlikely that it would have saved the magic we had made. We laughed a lot, shrugged it off, and I put up a little prayer I'd learned from a friend years ago: bless it or block it. Thirty minutes later, my computer rebooted and long story short, the file had saved by some absolute miracle even my Google search had told me was impossible. It was more evidence to me that now is the time to do The Thing. August held two full moons, giving us a second Super Blue Moon we won't see again for another 15 years. Then September came in swinging with Mercury Retrograde and a new moon in Virgo tomorrow (9/15). All this spinning and twirling of the stars has birthed a powerful opportunity for us all to lean into our creativity and finally take the leap we've been preparing for. What's your Thing? If you have A Thing, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's The Thing that's been on your mind, whispering quiet inspirations and helping you imagine exciting realities. It's The Thing in your bones that's becoming harder and harder to hold in. It's The Thing in your gut you've been twisting yourself around trying to make it go away. It's The Thing that's been stubbornly and resiliently attached to your heart even though you've been trying to rationalize it away with scripts of financial irresponsibility. It might be the courage to approach your child's teacher with a request for more help. It might be the yearning to finally write your book. It might be the burning desire to tell your truth on social media, start a business, book a massage, set boundaries with your kids, make an intimate request of your partner, take a training, enroll in a course, seek counseling, coaching, or some other mode of healing. If you have The Thing, now is the time to just do it. Energetically, the Universe always has your back. But right now is an especially ripe time to step forward into who you're meant to be. Because that's what The Thing is trying to get you to do. It's not about what you do. Doing The Thing is about who you will become when you do it. My experience of this energy has been palpable. So many of the projects I've been working on, goals I've been working toward, and dreams I've been dreaming - for years - are all suddenly locking themselves into manifestation at the very same moment. This week alone, I published three books, launched two online courses, set up a new 1:1 coaching system, birthed a new service called a Super Session, started filming a documentary about my work, and began submitting to get published on various media outlets. It's not that all of these projects started this week, but all of them - all together - are popping into manifestation all at once. *click* Bu this time, instead of the power going out, I can feel my power turning on. What The Thing for you? Tomorrow's new moon is ripe for the right energy for you to do it, and we very much need you to step forward into who you're meant to be. Your magic matters. Now is the time to make it happen. Thanks for reading! I'm so excited to journey into what's next with you. Love & Magic ๐Ÿคโœจ Ashley Anne >> Listen to the Podcast >> Read the Books >> Explore Self-Guided Courses >> Inquire About Coaching >> Follow on Instagram >> Watch on YouTube

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